Community Health Impact Assessment - Bringing Community Data to the Table

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Join us on June 30 at 1PM to learn about our Community Health Impact Assessment (HIA) and how you can use it to document the risks in your community.

EHP’s HIA revolves around one central question: Do you have enough information to determine that a particular site is safe enough for your community?

EHP’s do-it-yourself HIA is a structured way to bring together data on your community, expected emissions from a shale development site, and potential health risks in the immediate area. It gives residents, local decision-makers and state public officials a checklist of questions that ought to be answered before a site is approved, and it provides a road map for answering those questions. Once completed, an HIA can be used to influence zoning boards, other local or state officials, and community groups.

This tool helps you to include public health in the planning process. When health risks are known and taken into account, adjustments can be made during the permitting process to better protect the health of people living close to a proposed site. Such adjusts may include making required setbacks from homes greater, relocating the site, monitoring emissions, or determining how waste is handled in your community.  

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