04/12/2021 - Biden’s FDA takes new steps toward limiting toxic heavy metals in commercial baby foods

After pressure from parents and advocates, the agency is laying out a multiyear plan to address the issue, starting with lead and arsenic.

04/12/2021 - Air Force: PFAS left by Wurtsmith crews fighting off-base fires not our problem

Fire crews at Wurtsmith Air Force Base provided mutual aid to their host community on at least two major fires — and left a PFAS contamination mess.

04/12/2021 - Veterans face uphill battle to receive treatment for 'burn pit' exposure

A growing number of U.S. veterans say they have developed serious health ailments after facing prolonged exposure to flaming trash piles at overseas bases.

04/12/2021 - Washington state order targets Boeing Everett plant’s polluted history

Records show a dispute over cleanup requirements for chemically tainted water. The company denies there’s a disagreement.

04/12/2021 - Nervous North American farmers set to 'seed in faith' into parched soils

Fields across the Canadian Prairies and the U.S. Northern Plains are among the driest on record, raising production risks in one of the world's key growing regions for canola and spring wheat.

04/12/2021 - Divided Democrats look to make progress on $2T plan

President Biden will meet with lawmakers this afternoon on his $2 trillion infrastructure proposal, after top administration officials said they expect it to start moving on Capitol Hill before Memorial Day.

04/12/2021 - Driven by industry, more states are passing tough laws aimed at pipeline protesters

Bills to increase penalties for "impeding" the operations of a pipeline or power plant—in many cases elevating the offense to a felony—are pending in at least five states and have been enacted in 15 others.

04/12/2021 - Native communities confront painful choice: Move away, or succumb to rising waters?

Throughout Indian Country, where cultures are tied to land and water, plans to relocate are under way as the climate crisis worsens.

04/12/2021 - How the American Jobs Plan could fight climate change

The details in President Biden's proposed $2 trillion infrastructure plan have a lot to do with protecting the environment. There's a new clean electricity standard and a focus on low-income communities hit hardest by climate change. But will it be enough?

04/12/2021 - Rivers can be climate change solutions, too

Rivers and their floodplains have the potential to act as shock absorbers to climate change, and are powerful agents for keeping wildlife and communities healthy and resilient.