11/27/2020 - Are your choices making the pandemic worse?

How does an epidemiologist think through the little decisions each of us make during the coronavirus pandemic? Boston University’s Ellie Murray explains.

11/27/2020 - This new Google mapping tool shows cities where they need more trees

Trees improve urban life, but they’re not equitably distributed. As cities try to fix this, they now can quickly get a sense of what neighborhoods and streets need them most.

11/27/2020 - "Clean creatives" campaign asks PR firms to fire fossil fuel clients

The “clean creatives” campaign is calling on creative agencies to drop fossil fuel clients.

11/27/2020 - Environmental groups fight proposed Eastern Shore pipeline

The $34 million project would add seven miles of new natural gas pipeline through Maryland's Wicomico and Somerset counties.

11/27/2020 - Battered by back-to-back hurricanes, Honduras braces for a long recovery

Weeks after the one-two punch of Eta and Iota, tens of thousands remain displaced. The impoverished country is appealing to the international community.

11/27/2020 - A fight over agriculture secretary could decide the direction of hunger policy

The delicate proxy clash has pitted Democrats eager to emphasize issues like hunger and nutrition against traditionalists who believe the department should represent rural America.

11/27/2020 - Central Pa. counties get $6M to help reduce pollution headed to the Chesapeake Bay

The Department of Environmental Protection is awarding 2020 Environmental Stewardship Fund grants to Adams, Bedford, Centre, Cumberland, Franklin, Lancaster, Lebanon, and York counties.

11/27/2020 - The coronavirus won't stop evolving when the vaccine arrives

The coronavirus is not a shape shifter like the flu virus, but it could become vaccine resistant over time. That prompts researchers to urge vigilance.

11/27/2020 - Wildfire smoke is poisoning California's kids. Some pay a higher price

Fires are making the state’s air more dangerous. How much that hurts depends largely on where you live and how much money your family has.

11/26/2020 - Sechin assures Putin his new Arctic project will produce 30 million tons of oil by 2024

About 100 drilling rigs will be erected on the Taymyr tundra and a 770 km long oil pipeline will bring vast volumes to a new major terminal on the coast of the Kara Sea. Launch is less than 4 years away, and everything is proceeding according to plans, Sechin tells the President.