06/11/2021 - 4 climate obstacles facing Biden at the G-7

Here’s what to watch for as the president tries to find common ground with world leaders.

06/11/2021 - In Michigan, making the outdoors more accessible to people of color

Black and brown people from urban areas face many barriers to outdoor recreation. Here's how one group overcame them on Lake Superior.

06/11/2021 - Acres in federal ag conservation program have decreased steadily in past decade

Since 2007, the number of acres the government has paid farmers and ranchers to conserve has declined. The U.S. Department of Agriculture's Conservation Reserve Program subsidizes the removal of environmentally sensitive land from agricultural production.

06/11/2021 - There is not currently enough public pressure to force the economy to

“The main frontier for deep decarbonization right now is social and political—it is a question of power,” says the author of a new study that finds there isn’t enough public momentum to force companies and governments to transition fast enough.

06/11/2021 - Michigan’s climate-ready future: Wetland parks, less cement, roomy shores

As climate change alters our world, Michigan's bounty of fresh water — if managed smartly — could be the foundation of a thriving state economy and superior quality of life.

06/11/2021 - Gore pressed Biden to stick with climate plans as liberals fear White House is softening its agenda

The president and former vice president had a private phone call amid concerns the White House might strip climate measures from infrastructure deal.

06/11/2021 - OSHA issues COVID workplace safety rule, but only for health care

The Labor Department says it will issue optional guidance to other employers. Some advocacy groups say more is needed.

06/11/2021 - C.D.C. calls for updated childhood vaccinations after decline last year

The number of vaccine doses administered to children dropped by as much 63 percent as stay-at-home orders were issued in spring of 2020.

06/11/2021 - The C.D.C.’s new leader follows the science. Is that enough?

By all accounts, Dr. Rochelle Walensky is a fierce advocate and an empathetic scientist. But C.D.C. advice must be better attuned to the real world, critics say.

06/11/2021 - Maps show the severe drought gripping California and the West

Maps show that drought conditions are the most widespread and severe in at least 20 years, with reservoirs running dry.