06/10/2021 - Teriberka gets Russia’s second Arctic research station powered by renewables

Snowflake-2 science research station will be a five-domes construction to house year-round environmental monitoring and education.

06/10/2021 - Bad news for fishing: Climate change is sucking the oxygen out of lakes, study suggests

Warming reduces the transfer of oxygen from air to water, boosts algae blooms that consume oxygen.

06/10/2021 - Keystone XL is cancelled — so now what?

TC Energy's decision to terminate the Keystone XL pipeline project doesn’t put to rest a couple of key questions still hanging over it.

06/10/2021 - Fight over Canadian oil rages on after pipeline's demise

The Keystone XL is dead after a 12-year attempt to build the oil pipeline, yet the fight over Canadian crude rages on as emboldened environmentalists target other projects and pressure President Joe Biden to intervene — all while oil imports from the north keep rising.

06/10/2021 - LISTEN: Alaska research on wildfire smoke's impact on health paints clearer picture

While it might seem obvious that wildfire smoke causes health impacts, there had actually never been a nuanced, scientific look at those impacts.

06/10/2021 - Governor signs off on plan to limit Missouri farm inspections

Opponents said the new law will make it more difficult to police bad actors.

06/10/2021 - Ozone pollution in Colorado is spiking. Here's what you need to know.

Colorado’s Front Range ground-level ozone air pollution broke the federal health limit this week. Here’s what you need to know this summer.

06/10/2021 - British, Australian food standard differences causing angst in free trade deal

Differences in food and agriculture standards between the United Kingdom and Australia have emerged as issues for British farmers, as the two nations get closer to a trade deal.

06/10/2021 - Leahy questions EPA director on impact of Burlington PCB contamination

Sen. Patrick Leahy wants to know how the EPA can ensure issues like the PCB contamination at Burlington High School don’t happen again elsewhere.

06/10/2021 - Research on ocean plastic surging, U.N. report finds

But many studies describe the problem rather than pointing to solutions.