06/10/2021 - Solar panel prices are rising, but don’t panic

The price increase has not yet lasted long enough or been large enough to cause a shift in the idea that solar is the least expensive source of electricity in most places.

06/10/2021 - X-Press Pearl: The 'toxic ship' that caused an environmental disaster

Onboard the ship, there are still towers of containers stacked upon each other, many containing chemicals highly dangerous to the environment - some of these have already leaked into the water, sparking fears that it may poison marine life.

06/10/2021 - Coral reefs across the world 'in danger' as scientists note slowing calcification

A new report has issued a dire warning for the future of coral reefs in Australia and the rest of the world.

06/10/2021 - Dems to Biden: 'No climate, no deal'

Progressives yesterday ramped up a pressure campaign on the White House to deliver on climate legislation, with several Democrats signaling they would not vote for an infrastructure bill absent significant provisions to slash greenhouse gas emissions.

06/10/2021 - Colorado ski industry leaders commit to fight climate change

Four ski industry giants are joining hands to fight climate change through sustainability and advocacy.

06/10/2021 - 'Quick fixes' to the climate crisis risk harming nature

Climate change and nature loss are interlinked and must be tackled together. That's the finding of a key report by 50 leading scientists searching for combined solutions to the climate and biodiversity crises.

06/10/2021 - G7 summit is game-changing opportunity to tackle climate change, says Charles

The Prince of Wales has hailed the G7 summit as a "game-changing opportunity" to help create a partnership between governments, business and private finance to finally tackle the "existential crisis" of climate change.

06/10/2021 - Bihar sends water samples for Covid contamination testing

Days after bodies were found floating in the Ganga river, samples collected from the water have been sent for testing to check for COVID-19 contamination.

06/10/2021 - Black market B.C. weed tainted with pesticides, contaminants, testing shows

The British Columbia government says the testing it commissioned of illegally-sold cannabis products has revealed many contain pesticides and other contaminants including heavy metals.

06/10/2021 - Pasig, other Philippine rivers among biggest contributors to ocean plastic pollution

The Philippines was the largest contributing country to the plastic waste that reaches the ocean, with the Pasig River ranked as the most polluting river in the world, a study by a Dutch nonprofit showed.