06/10/2021 - New York lawmakers approve more monitoring of contaminants in drinking water

A bill aimed at identifying potentially harmful chemicals in drinking water has passed both houses of the state Legislature.

06/10/2021 - Barbara Barrigan-Parilla: State water board choice is key to providing clean water for all

California's drought highlights the importance of an appointment sitting on Gov. Gavin Newsom's desk – filling the final seat on the State Water Resources Control Board. This is a critical agency appointment at a critical time.

06/10/2021 - New Colorado air quality plan encourages alternatives to driving to work

A new rule by the Air Quality Control Commission would require hundreds of businesses to limit the number of people who drive to work.

06/10/2021 - New material inspired by spider silk could help solve our plastic problem

Researchers at the University of Cambridge have found a way to make plastic from abundant and sustainable plant proteins. Inspired by spider silk, the film works in a way similar to other plastics, but it can be composted at home.

06/10/2021 - Officials push for national PFAS drinking water standard

Setting a national drinking water standard for what have been referred to as “forever chemicals" will be important in addressing contamination at military bases and communities throughout the U.S., witnesses said Wednesday during a congressional hearing.

06/10/2021 - Our response to climate change is missing something big, scientists say

Yes, planting new trees can help. But intact wild areas are much better. The world needs to treat warming and biodiversity loss as two parts of the same problem, a new report warns.

06/10/2021 - G7 leaders depicted in Mount Recyclemore e-waste sculpture

The seven giant faces loom above the dunes, gazing sombrely over swathes of bright sea thrift towards the ocean.

06/10/2021 - Republicans to unveil a GOP-only climate caucus

House Republicans are preparing to announce a new climate caucus focused on educating its members. The group will be open only to Republican lawmakers and will be used to share science and data about climate change, clean energy and jobs.

06/10/2021 - The message in a reusable wine bottle: Combat climate change

Glass bottles are the largest source of the wine industry’s carbon footprint. Several companies are experimenting with new shipping methods.

06/10/2021 - Why Indigenous groups oppose geoengineering by Harvard scientists

Harvard researchers are studying whether partially blocking the sun using particles high in the atmosphere can reverse global warming. Indigenous peoples and environmental activists are urging the scientists to scrap what they see as an unproductive and risky project.