11/25/2020 - Bill McKibben: How banks could bail us out of the climate crisis

Banks have helped cause much of the crisis we find ourselves in; it would be fascinating if they turned out to be one of the solutions.

11/25/2020 - There's a solar farm movement coming to Louisiana; here's where these facilities are headed

Over the next three years, there could be enough solar-generated electricity in Louisiana to power 60,000 homes in a state rich with oil and gas and crisscrossed with pipelines.

11/25/2020 - Scientists race to find wild, ancient bananas to save the popular fruit from climate change

15-metre-tall ancestors of modern-day, cultivated bananas contain the precious genetics that could save the popular fruit from climate change, pests and disease.

11/25/2020 - Illegal tampering by diesel pickup owners is worsening pollution, E.P.A. says

An E.P.A. investigation has found that the owners of more than half a million diesel pickup trucks have installed devices to defeat emissions controls and boost pollution.

11/25/2020 - Glyphosate exposure could disrupt human gut microbiome

Exposure to glyphosate could adversely affect the microbes in our gut, potentially leading to poor health.

11/25/2020 - Solvay PFAS replacement found in workers

Internal studies obtained by Consumer Reports show that the chemical company Solvay has been aware of issues related to PFAS replacements since the 1990s.

11/25/2020 - U.S. Army Corps denies permit for massive gold and copper mine in pristine Alaska

The Trump administration has denied a key permit or a massive gold and copper mine in Alaska striking a devastating blow to a project opposed by an unusual coalition that includes the president's son as well as conservationists and Alaska Natives.

11/25/2020 - EPA sued over rule extending life of toxic coal ash ponds

A coalition of nine environmental groups is suing the Environmental Protection Agency over a rule that extends the life of giant pits of toxic coal sludge, risking contamination of nearby water sources.

11/25/2020 - Can Joe Biden make good on his revolutionary climate agenda?

Although he faces a split Congress, the US president-elect has levers he can pull in the government to advance clean energy and curb global warming.

11/25/2020 - A harsh reality in coal country - with or without Trump

Colstrip, Montana, has been a poster child for the kind of coal mining community that looked to Donald Trump to bring back the industry and save their town.