06/10/2021 - Here’s how you’re paying for climate change

The consequences of extreme weather are varied across regions, but universally, researchers know that extreme weather events are likely to become more frequent and costly for consumers.

06/10/2021 - Why a California oil workers union is backing clean energy

The dominant narrative about labor unions and climate change is that fossil fuel workers are a major roadblock to action. There's good reason for that reputation.

06/10/2021 - Alert issued for Halifax-area lake after suspected contamination sends person to hospital

Nova Scotia's Department of Environment is investigating a suspected contamination in Grand Lake, north of Fall River, after two dogs died and one person was sent to hospital.

06/10/2021 - Jade S. Sasser: The complex link between population decline and a warming planet

Despite slower population growth, we are still speeding toward environmental catastrophe, with greenhouse gas emissions all over the planet rising steadily.

06/10/2021 - Pittsburgh-area coal-fired power plant to close

Cheswick Generating Station will close in September, according to its owner, GenOn Holdings, LLC. The 565-megawatt plant can no longer compete in today's electricity marketplace and under current environmental rules, the company said.

06/10/2021 - U.S. Steel fined for more than $200K for health violations

U.S. Steel, Allegheny County's largest polluter, will be fined more than $200,000 for violations that occurred at the company's Clairton Coke Works in the first quarter of 2021, the county health department announced Wednesday.

06/10/2021 - A hallucinogenic toad in peril

How a Sonoran Desert species got caught up in the commodification of spiritual awakening.

06/10/2021 - In 'glacier blood,' scientists see possible influence of climate change

Scientists believe that climate change may be fueling blooms of red microalgae in the Alps.

06/10/2021 - Life after wildlife trafficking: What happens to rescued animals?

A serious lack of data about the fate of wildlife saved from illegal trade leads to calls for better information and accountability.

06/10/2021 - Oregon House moves to curb forest institute's power and budget

After a ProPublica investigation found that a tax-funded institute acted as a lobbying arm for the timber industry, Oregon lawmakers passed a bill that would significantly cut the institute's funding and redirect the money to climate science.